Members pay for matchmaking services on Bharatmatrimony.com. Without permission Bharatmatrimony posts members EXACT personal profiles on 40plusmatrimony.com and divorcematrimony.com.

Then they ask profiles of these other two services to pay for it. They claim that all three are different companies when they are in fact owned by the same company (Consim Info Pvt Ltd. This is run by Murugavel Janakiraman and the investors are Bessemer Venture Partners, Mayfield and Canaan Partners Technology.The site has customers mainly from India. A large percentage of these members is not internet savvy and many do not have credit cards.

The company takes disadvantage of this fact.

In India they also telemarket by phone and go door-to-door to get members for these 3 websites. They do not disclose that the 3 websites are owned by the same company and essentially offer the same service.

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Dear Service user ,I am also a service user of bharat matrimony and is based in UK. I have also gone through massive harassment regarding my unauthorised money withdrawn and I don't get proper response from bharat matrimony.

There are many other issues and it seems like a fraudlent.I am looking for people who would be willing to make a complaint with me and and would be witness of what happens with BM company. If you fancy to take joint action. Please email me at Charu.uk.27@gmail.com.

I am going to send the same msg to other people here so that if we make a joint complaint it will be more better. Remember: 'Together we win, alone we fall'Thanks

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India #833878


Kindly provide your contact number here or write to heldesk@bharatmatrimony.com. They will contact you at the earliest

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